Shastra Aur Prayoga: Intersections between Text and Practice in Indian Classical Performing Arts

This event is organized by the Indian Classical Music Society of Vancouver and Asta Alliance, with support from the Centre for India and South Asia Research, UBC Green College, UBC School of Music, UBC Bangladeshi Students Association, UBC Pakistani Students Association, UTSAV – UBC Indian Students Association, and UBC Sargam. 

The Shastra Aur Prayoga Conference aims to explore the intersections between text and practice in Indian performing art traditions by bringing together academics, musicians, dancers, and connoisseurs in dialogue. The conference, the brainchild of the Indian Classical Music Society of Vancouver and Asta Alliance, is a unique event approaching analyzing topics in Indian classical performing arts through a multidisciplinary lens. It represents the breadth of geographies Indian classical performing arts extends its reach within and outside of India. The conference is divided into a symposium and a concert. The symposium constitutes of a lecture with an academic focus, and a panel discussion with a focus to bridge the gap between academia and performative practice. The concert portion highlights the performance aspect of Indian classical performing arts traditions.

The conference features the following scholars, musicians, and dancers:
– Dr. Mandakranta Bose
– Dr. Thomas Hunter
– Shri Arijit Mahalanabis
– Dr. Lakshmi Sreeram
– Smt. Prajakta Trehan
– Smt. Sudnya Mulye

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