UBC South Asianists

Ashok Aklujkar
(Professor Emeritus, Sanskrit Linguistics and Poetics)
Dept. of Asian Studies

Siwan Anderson
(Rural Institutions, the Role of Caste and Gender in Development)
Vancouver School of Economics

Kenneth Bryant
(Associate Professor Emeritus, Hindi-Urdu Languages and Indian literature)
Dept. of Asian Studies

Shashidharan Enarth
(Graduate Director for the Masters in Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) program, Research on role of civil society in creating systemic changes, influencing political culture and mechanisms of transparency and accountability, impact of decentralization of poverty,  political economy of livelihood promotion with special focus on vulnerable and low income segments of the population)
School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

Mukesh Eswaran
(Economic Development; Economics of Gender, Evolutionary Economics and Economics of Religion)
Vancouver School of Economics

Patrick Francois
(Development Economics, Non-profit Organizations, Norms and Institutions, Political Economy)
Vancouver School of Economics

Katherine Hacker
(Historical and Contemporary Art and Architecture of South Asia)
Dept. of Art History, Visual Art and Theory

Francesca Harlow
(History of Pre-Modern and Early Modern India)
Dept. of Asian Studies

Vinay Kamat
(Medical Anthropology in India and Tanzania and Global Health)
Dept. of Anthropology

Videsh Kapoor
(Family Physician;  Assistant Clinical Professor; Director, Division of Global Health; Global Health Theme Leader, Medical Undergraduate Program)
Dept. of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

Ashok Kotwal
(Indian Economic Reforms and their Impact on Poverty, Governance Structures in Rural India)
Vancouver School of Economics

Suzie Lavallee
(biodiversityconservationecologyecosystemsentomologyforest biologyforest managementlandscape ecologypopulation demographysampling designsocial impactsocial sciencesustainabilityvertebrate ecology, forest resource management, livelihoods, and conservation in India)
Dept. of Forest and Conservation Sciences

Renisa Mawani
(Colonial Legal History; Critical Theory, Race and Racism; Affect; Time and Temporality; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Indigeneity; Colonial India and the Diaspora; Posthumanism)
Dept. of Sociology

Tara Mayer
(Colonial South Asian History; Constructions of Britishness; Indo-European Commodity Exchanges; Empire and Aesthetic influence)
Dept. of History

Anne Murphy
(Punjabi Language, Literature and Sikh Studies)
Dept. of Asian Studies

Harjot Oberoi
(South Asian Social & Religious History)
Dept. of Asian Studies

Sebastian R. Prange
(History of trade in SW Coast; South Asia in the Context of the Indian Ocean World)
Dept. of History

M.V. Ramana
(Nuclear energy and Nuclear weapons in South Asia)
School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

John Roosa
(Nationalism; Imperialism; Oral History; Human Rights)
Dept. of History

Adheesh Sathaye
(Sanskrit Literature and Folklore)
Dept. of Asian Studies

Sara Shneiderman
(Anthropology of South Asia and the Himalayas; Ethnicity, Indigeneity; Citizenship; Development; Social and Political Transformation)
Dept. of Anthropology and School of Public Policy & Global Affairs/Institute of Asian Research

Mark Turin
(Himalayan Languages and Cultures, Anthropology, Linguistics, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan)
Dept. of Anthropology, First Nations and Endangered Languages Program & Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies


Vidyut Aklujkar
Indic belles lettres in General and Saint Poetry, Particularly Marathi, Hindi, English and Sanskrit; Creative Writing and Translation of Literature, Religious Studies/Philosophy

Sanzida Habib
Mental Health among South Asian Immigrants in Canada

Vijaya Jammi
Post-colonial English Indian Literature

Raghavendra Rao K.V.
Contemporary Visual Art, Visual and Material Culture, Performance Art, and Performance Studies

Reeta Tremblay
Comparative Federalism and Comparative Public Policy, Identity-based politics and citizenship in South Asia, Secessionist movements in South Asia, Diaspora and Negotiation of Citizenship in British Columbia

Habiba Zaman
Immigrants, settlement and work in Canada; Global south and Social Justice Movements; Gender and Development; Globalization and Labour Mobility; Race, Gender and Class; South Asia. She has been published extensively in international journals.



*If you are a UBC Faculty or Staff with teaching and research interests related to South Asia, please write to us at cisar.iar@ubc.ca to join this list.