CISAR Meet & Greet

Language Politics and Policy in South Asia and the Himalaya by Sam Sonntag

The Great Hydraulic Transition: Colonial Engineering and the Making of Modern Rivers in South Asia by Rohan D’Souza

Bharatnatyam: Stories of Nayikas (Heroines) and Sakhis (Heroine’s Friends)

Awakened Villages: Liberation and Exclusion at the place of Buddha’s Enlightenment in North India by David Geary

Disputed Pasts, Violent Present: Examining Anti-Muslim Discourses in Contemporary India by Heba Ahmed

Dhrupad as a Progression in Multiple Dimensions by Arijit Mahalanabis

The Politics of Violence in India: 35 years since 1984

Law, Empire and the Institutional Conditions of Sikh Citizenship in British Columbia, 1900-1947 by Bonar Buffam