The Centre

Welcome to the Centre for India and South Asia Research

The Centre for India and South Asia Research (CISAR) is a research facility at The University of British Columbia (UBC) aimed at advanciCISAR LOGOng studies on India and South Asia at UBC and beyond. It operates under the Institute for Asian Research (IAR) and acts as both a hub and a resource centre for research. It does so, by bringing together faculty, research associates, and graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in the cultures, historical evolution and contemporary developmental challenges of the subcontinent. CISAR is part of the Institute of Asian Research.

CISAR’s multi-faceted mandate includes:

  • The development of inter-disciplinary research on South Asia
  • The dissemination of research findings through seminars, lectures, conferences and publications
  • The promotion of interaction between the university and members of South Asian communities in Vancouver and British Columbia.

CISAR creates links between UBC specialists on India and South Asia and those situated elsewhere in Canada and abroad.

Raw banner image source: “Ramya” by Harsha K. R.