Research Associates

Vidyut Aklujkar
Indic belles lettres in General and Saint Poetry; Particularly Marathi, Hindi, English and Sanskrit; Creative Writing and Translation of Literature; Religious Studies/Philosophy

Sanzida Habib
Mental Health among South Asian Immigrants in Canada

Vijaya Jammi
Post-colonial English Indian Literature

Raghavendra Rao K.V.
Contemporary Visual Art; Visual and Material Culture; Performance Art, and Performance Studies

Douglas Ober
History of South Asian Religions; Buddhism in Modern India, Himalayas, and Tibet; Buddhist “modernity”; British Empire and Colonialism; Transnational Movements, Globalization; Ethnicity; Caste; Dalit Studies

Rina Pradhan
Reproductive Health of Women in Canada and Nepal; Microbiology
Community Coordinator, Childbirth in BC Research at Dept. of Family Practice, Midwifery Program

Habiba Zaman 
Immigrants, settlement and work in Canada; Global south and Social Justice Movements; Gender and Development; Globalization and Labour Mobility; Race, Gender and Class; South Asia. She has been published extensively in international journals.