Punjab’s Drug Epidemic: Women and Children in Its Shadow by Dr. Nirmata Mann

Drug abuse is a concern for various explicit reasons, but what goes unnoticed and unresolved is the agony of the people living in the immediate shadow of drug abusers, which usually means family and within that the maximum brunt is faced by women. This talk would focus on effects of drug abuse on dependent women & children, prevention, treatment, social rehabilitation and most importantly integration of women betterment in tackling the drug menace.

About the Speaker

Dr. Nimarta Mann continues to serve as Assistant Professor at Punjabi University since 2012. Her major field of specialization is Banking & Finance, and minor is E-Business and HRM. Her present field of active research is focussed on psychological and social health of all stakeholders of a business, and is committed to social justice through research and teaching of business ethics. She is presently serving as Visiting Faculty at Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology and Special Education while pursuing collaborative research with Dr. Bedi pertaining to the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility in addressing the socio-economic vice of drug abuse.

This event is sponsored by CISAR, the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology and Special Education, and Punjabi University