Nehru Humanitarian Award

Nehru Humanitarian Award in Memory of Prem Goel

This annual $1,000 scholarship is offered by Dr. and Mrs. D. P. Goel to a graduate student pursuing the political, historical, economic, religious, social, or cultural study of India. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, in accordance with findings of an interdisciplinary Adjudication Committee of the Centre for India and South Asia Research. All students pursuing an MA or PhD at UBC-Vancouver are eligible for this award.

Congratulations to Rudri Bhatt, who was awarded the Nehru Humanitarian Award for 2019.
Rudri Bhatt is an interdisciplinary environmental engineering Master’s of Science student in IRES (put the full name). She is interested in conducting research on improving air quality and promoting the transition to clean energy in India.

Return here in the coming weeks to learn more about Rudri Bhatt’s work.

2018 Winner: Wajiha Mehdi, PhD Candidate, GRSJ

The 2018 Nehru Humanitarian Award in Memory of Prem Goel has been awarded to PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia, Wajiha Mehdi. Wajiha is a social justice scholar studying geographies of resistance of marginalized communities specifically Muslim women in India with a specific focus on developing participatory approaches to inclusive urban planning policies. Research on Muslim women has rarely taken into account their role as social actors navigating multiple constraints. Her project aims to analyze the ways in which Muslim women’s marginality underpins agency which entails spatial knowledge and ownership at the intersection of complex constraints. Wajiha is also recipient of numerous other academic awards: she is a Graduate Global Leadership Fellow at University of British Columbia, Commonwealth Shared Scholar and Gold Medalist at Aligarh Muslim University Department of Political Science and Human Rights.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Wajiha to learn more about her research, studies, and experiences so far. To access the interview, please click here.

Past Winners:

  • 2017: Sameer Shah, PhD Candidate, IRES
  • 2016: Helina Jolly, PhD Candidate, IRES 
  • 2015: Julie Vig, PhD Candidate, Asian Studies
  • 2014: Kamal Arora, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
  • 2013: Douglas Ober, PhD Candidate, Asian Studies
  • 2012: Glen Hamburg, MA Asia Pacific Policy Studies. Topic: Identity and Human Security Issues in the India-Bangladesh Enclaves
  • 2011: Somaditya Banerjee, Doctoral student in History. Topic: Bhadralok Physics and the Establishment of Modern Science in India (1900-1940)
  • 2010: M. Anwar Hossen, UBC Okanagan doctoral student. Topic: Water policy and governance in rural Bangladesh