Announcing Winter Term 2017/18 Courses on South Asia. Register Now!

Interested in learning more about South Asia? Explore the courses being offered at UBC in Winter Term 2017-18!

Choose from a selection of undergraduate and graduate courses in diverse departments and faculties at UBC. Courses range from South Asian art, Punjabi Canadian history, and Persian literature to many different South Asian languages.
Here are just a few:
ANTH 302 Ethnography of South Asia 
A specialized study of ethnographic and theoretical problems relating to South Asia.
PUNJ 402 Medieval and Early Modern Punjabi Literature
Emphasis is on reading and written expression. Analytical writing in English and Punjabi required.
ASIA 475 Documenting Punjabi Canada 
Exploration of the history of the Punjabi Canadian community through traditional text-based methods and oral history collection (in English or Punjabi).
HIST 385 India from Raj to Republic
Exploration of the rise of the East India Company as territorial power, the formation of a colonial society in India, competing responses to British rule, the struggle for independence, and the legacies of partition.

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