Trauma and Art Production: as part of the Mending Cracks Exhibition

By Raghavendra Rao K.V., Artist and Research Associate, CISAR

In the Visual and Material Culture Seminar Series
Location: Room 213, Museum of Anthropology

“The central theme of the series ‘Mending Cracks’ is disability, trauma and the complex process of recovery. I was buried under rubble in the 2001 earthquake in Kutch. Long-term, this resulted in the partial paralysis and atrophy of my left arm. I also found myself faced with a further battle to get over the experience, psychologically as well as physically. Through this process, I realized the complex meaning of “mending.” I am visualizing this experience by exploring the experience of the incident and the experience of ‘loss’ that it made so central to my life.”
“My research on trauma and art production has shown that often, works on trauma and healing are assumed to target a specific audience or special group, rather than a broad public. It is my goal with this body of work to reach out to a broad audience to communicate the idea of trauma and healing. I am exploring ways of using metaphors, material, etc through painting, installations and videos.”

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