Exploring the Health Research Priorities of the South Asian Community with Sonia Singh and Aven Sidhu

This event is in collaboration with the South Asian Health Research Collaborative (SAHRC). 


While South Asians represent the largest visible minority population in Canada, they make up a very small percentage of research participants. Barriers to participation include fear, mistrust, language, cultural differences, and poor understanding of what research entails. The South Asian Health Research Collaborative (SAHRC) has collaborated with various community organisations within the South Asian community to explore the health research priorities of the South Asian community and to expand the capacity for health research. By working with the South Asian community, SAHRC hopes to empower the community in identifying the research areas that they want explored and to increase the South Asian representation in health research.


The South Asian Health Research Collaborative (SAHRC) is a group of researchers, patients from the South Asian community, health providers, and decision makers. SAHRC is committed to building strong, lasting relationships in the South Asian community and help build awareness about health research and its importance. The Health Research Priority Setting initiative will help create the foundation for future health research projects for the South Asian community.

Dr Singh, Chair of SAHRC, is a hospitalist physician and osteoporosis consultant based at Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock. She also holds academic appointments at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University; Clinical Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor, respectively.

Dr Sidhu is the Research Coordinator for SAHRC. He has a passion for community medical research and is also working on projects within addiction and bone health, as well as this health research priority setting.