Religion and Ethics Annual Series: “The Ethical Basis of Personal and Social Conduct in Indian Thought” by Prof. Diwakar Acharya

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We face ethical questions of good and bad, right and wrong everyday. Is our world really becoming better? 

In this inaugural talk of the Religion and Ethics Annual Series, Prof. Diwakar Acharya, a notable figure in the field of South Asian Studies, will reflect on these issues in the context of the tradition of ethical and philosophical discourse in India and, identifying the special character of these ideas, he will discuss what they bring to the modern study of ethics. In the process he will note how Indian society evolved over time, how Indian people lived in the past, and which virtues they institutionalized.Dr. Acharya

Prof. Acharya is the Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics at All Souls College, University of Oxford.  The Spalding Chair is among the most prestigious positions in the field of South Asian studies. 


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