Previously Offered Courses

ASIA 358  Literature of Medieval India in Translation

Devotional, mystic, and erotic poetry of medieval Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism.

ASIA 370 The Sanskrit Cosmopolis: India and the World, 200-1500 CE

Languages, religions, art forms, and political structures of Asian societies shaped by creative encounters with Sanskrit.

ASIA 376 The Sikhs: Formations, Contexts, and Historical Development

Introduction to the historical development of Sikh traditions in India and Diaspora, from the 15th century to the present, with attention to broader historical contexts.

ASIA 428 Mughal India

History of the politics, economy, society, and culture of South Asia from the Great Mughals to the British conquest.

ASIA 438 Twentieth Century South Asia

Selected topics on South Asia

ASIA 488 Religion, Society and State in Modern India

History of secular and religious discourse in post-independent India. Partition, state policy of secularism, religious mobilization among Hindus and Muslims, communal violence and religious radicalism.

ASIA 547 (023) – Narrative Theory and South Asian Literature

Key theoretical issues in the production and enactment of folk narratives in traditional and modern South Asian cultures.

ASIA 576 (025) – Topics in Sikh and South Asian Studies

Selected topics.

ASIA 598 (025)  Asia and the Museological Imagination

ASTU 204H Topics in Interdisciplinary Arts Studies – HIMALAYN I

Selected interdisciplinary topics in Arts studies.

ASTU 204I Topics in Interdisciplinary Arts Studies – HIMALAYAN II

Selected interdisciplinary topics in Arts studies.

POLI 365A Asian International Relations – ASIAN INTRNL REL

Analysis of the foreign policies of one or more of the states of East, Southeast, and South Asia; their relations with other states in the region as well as with major outside powers.