Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

UBC is a founding member of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, which was created in 1968 to deepen the knowledge of Indian and Canadian scholars about each others’ society and culture. The Shastri Institute is instrumental in providing Canadians with scholarships for language studies, humanities & social sciences, science and technology, development studies and for performing arts training in India. Shastri supports research and teaching about India in Canada and about Canada in India.Shastri Logo

The Institute also co-ordinates visits by Indian scholars to Canadian universities and vice-versa. In addition to travel and research scholarships that enable research in India, Canadian students have an opportunity to earn university credits while studying development issues in India through the Shastri Summer Program. Many UBC students have been selected to participate in this program and have gone on to win Shastri scholarships. UBC faculty are consistent winners of Shastri scholarships and serve frequently on the Institute’s Board of Directors, Executive and standing committees.

*NEW* Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute is pleased to announce its programmes for the year 2017-18, namely:

  1. Shastri Institutional Collaborative Research Grant (SICRG)
  2. Shastri Mobility Programme (SMP)-for  Academicians & Administrators
  3. Shastri Research Student Fellowship (SRSF) – for a) Doctoral, b)Postdoctoral and c)Students
  4. Faculty-In-Residence Programme (FIR)/ Global Initiative For Academic Network (GIAN)

Most of these programmes are new initiatives of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute under the Xth Addendum to MoU with the Government of India signed on 15th July 2016. The focus areas are from all domains of studies like Social Sciences; Humanities; Arts; Commerce & Management, STEM subjects including Food Security and Sustainable Development; Water Resource Management; Gender; Bi-lateral Trade and Investment; Energy and Environmental Sciences including the Renewal Energy; Securing Future of Children and Youth; Higher Education; Agricultural Science & Technology; Teacher Education and Training; Health Sciences; Nursing; Marine Sciences and Ocean Studies.  These programmes will be beneficial for the adoption of new methods of pedagogy, boosting research in cutting-edge technologies and building stronger academic networks between both countries.
The details of the programmes are available at our website  and . 

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