On Collaboration Between Indian And American Universities

UBC’s involvement in India and South Asia extends beyond the classroom to include links with numerous educational, research and performing arts institutions on the subcontinent. A number of UBC faculty maintain formal and informal links with institutions in India, other countries in South Asia, and Canada. These include formal research ties with the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi), the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad), and the Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi). Additionally, UBC faculty collaborates on South Asia related work with faculty in other North American universities including McGill and Ryerson. UBC has also signed Memorandum of Understanding with several Indian institutions designed to facilitate formal research collaborations.

UBC also participates in an exchange program allows graduate students from UBC and the University of Washington to earn credits in the sister institution.

Nalanda Ruins, Main Stupa by Carol Mitchell

“Nalanda Ruins, Main Stupa” by Carol Mitchell